SULC 2.4 is available now!

New features introduced in version 2.4:

  • User validity check.
  • Single user analysis, trends, activity and utilized authorizations.
  • Identification of users used for indirect access to SAP systems.
  • Cost comparison based on standard and contractual price lists.
  • List of inactive and invalid users and users with multiple logons.
  • Status of assigned and recommended licenses directly in your browser.
  • And other minor improvements.

Smart User License Cockpit

SULC is a complex tool from SGEN it, s.r.o., allowing the monitoring and evaluation of user activity. This tool is based on our long-term experience with SAP Solution Manager. The activity is measured daily across the monitored systems and allows easy access to relevant information that are organized into a few well-arranged overviews. It is possible to perform a cost analysis with license costs optimization recommendations from the collected data and later export it to MS Excel, which may help you prepare for SAP Audit.

Why choose SULC?


Implementation within 5 workdays.

Deployment of the aplication by our developers is included in the price.


Quick access to collected information

Application is integrated to SAP Solution Manager Work Centers.


No need for other software.

SULC includes relevant overview, optimization and cost analysis.


Helping with license cost reduction

Allows better license usage optimization and distribution.


Adapting to your needs

The installation by our developers includes setting up the detection of individual custom licenses.


Groundwork for future license purchases

Optimising costs linked to the purchase of new licenses.

Preliminary analysis for free!

Key functions



  • Overview of executed transactions and reports
  • User's, transaction's or report's point of view
  • Dialog steps of transactions and reports
  • Overview of purchased and assigned licenses
  • Filtering by time period, activity or records' attributes
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  • Collecting data daily from connected systems
  • Comparing the amount of purchased, assigned and optimized licenses
  • Overview of possible savings or pending costs
  • Cost analysis for all systems
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  • Evaluation of optimal license distribution and assignment
  • Reducing costs by changing the license assignment
  • List of users with their current and recommended license
  • Export to MS Excel
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Who is it for

  • License managers, performing the overall license analysis.
  • Companies, that massively use SAP licenses.
  • Subjects of acquisition or company merger
  • Companies willing to better optimize the costs linked to SAP licenses
  • Managers, who need to clearly specify users' activity

Adapting to your needs

Our developers set up a fitting detection of individual licenses, prepare SULC for correct communication with monitored systems. Next, they also set up your own SAP license pricelist with your purchased licenses for the purposes of other analyses and optimization in the application. SULC is compatible with Solution Manager 7.1 SP12 and greater, Central User Administration is not required.

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